Chapter 12. Implementing Bidirectional Associations with AngularJS and

Table of Contents

1. Make a JavaScript Data Model
2. New issues
3. Encode our Web Application with Bidirectional Association
3.1. Show information about published books in the List Publishers use case
3.2. Show information about authored books in the List Authors use case
4. Run the App and Get the Code

In this chapter of our tutorial, we show

  1. an association-free information design model with derived inverse reference properties,

  2. how to encode the view and controller code.

1. Make a JavaScript Data Model

The starting point for making our data model is an association-free design model with derived inverse reference properties like the following:

Figure 12.1. Publisher-Book-Author association free model

Publisher-Book-Author association free model

There are two derived inverse reference properties: Publisher::/publishedBooks and Author::/authoredBooks.