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Information for Researchers

  1. Support the Open Acesss Movement and protect your author rights!
  2. There is an open document alternative to Powerpoint slides: try the HTML-based slide format S5!
  3. How to Get to Speak at Web Conferences
  4. For getting advice about speaking skills check out Make Me A Speaker!
  5. Summary Table about Open Source Licenses
  6. Why simulation software that is used in scientific work should be open: Open Access for Social Simulation

1) We strongly support the Open Acesss Movement.

In particular, any science author should, at a minimum, claim from a publisher that she reserves the right to post the final manuscript version immediately (for example, as a PDF file) and the published version six months after publication. This can be conveniently done by attaching the OpenAccess-Delay 1.0 Addendum from Science Commons to the copyright transfer form agreement from the publishing company. Alternative amendments to the copyright transfer form agreement are:

2) Try the HTML-based slide format S5 (Simple Standards-based Slide Show System) originally developed by Eric Meyer

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