Vocabularies, ontologies, and business rules are key components of a model-driven approach to enterprise computing in a networked economy. The workshop series VORTE intends to bring together researchers and practitioners in areas such as enterprise architecture, information systems, business rules, model-driven engineering, and the Semantic Web.

Program - September 1st, 2009

The VORTE 2009 workshop will be held together with the DDBP 2009 workshop, which is also collocated with the EDOC 2009 conference. Session 1 features the VORTE 2009 accepted papers, while has a joint program of VORTE 2009 and DDBP 2009 - VORTE keynote and two paper presentations of DDBP 2009. Finally, sections 3 and 4 features DDBP 2009 paper presentations.

Session 1: Vocabularies, Ontologies and Rules in the Enterprise

08:30–08:40 Introduction
08:40–09:10 Jebrin Al-Sharawneh and Mary-Anne Williams
A Social Network Approach in Semantic Web Services Selection using Follow the Leader Behavior
09:10–09:40 Sabine Buckl, Florian Matthes, René Ramacher and Christian Schweda
Towards a Language for Enterprise Architecture Documentation and Analysis - Extending the Meta Object Facility
09:40–10:10 Florian Lautenbacher, Thomas Eisenbarth and Bernhard Bauer
Process Model Adaptation using Semantic Technologies
10:10–10:30 Discussion
10:30–10:45 Coffee break

Session 2: VORTE 2009 Keynote and Ontologies in Business Processes and Services

10:45–11:45 Keynote: John Hosking
Supporting model driven engineering using the Marama meta toolset
11:45–12:15 Luiz Olavo Bonino da Silva Santos, Giancarlo Guizzardi, Eduardo M. Goncalves da Silva, Luis Ferreira Pires and Marten van Sinderen
GSO: Designing a Well-Founded Service Ontology to Support Dynamic Service Discovery and Composition
12:15–12:45 Florian Lautenbacher, Bernhard Bauer and Sebastian Förg
Process Mining for Semantic Business Process Modeling
12:45–13:45 Lunch break

Session 3: DDBP 2009 Keynote and Risk Analysis in Business Processes

01:45–02:45 Keynote: Jens Dietrich
On the Dynamic Composition of Complex Systems - Lessons learned
from Component-Oriented Software Engineering
02:45–03:15 Shusaku Iida, Grit Denker and Carolyn Talcott
Document Logic: Risk Analysis of Business Processes Through Document Authenticity
03:15–03:45 Christoph Brandt, Frank Hermann and Thomas Engel
Modeling and Reconfiguration of Critical Business Processes for the Purpose of a
Business Continuity Management Respecting Security, Risk and Compliance Requirements
at Credit Suisse using Algebraic Graph Transformation
03:45–04:00 Coffee break

Section 4: Business Process Analysis and Transformation

04:00–04:30 Evan Morrison, Aditya Ghose and George Koliadis
Dealing With Imprecise Compliance Requirements
04:30–05:00 Mathias Götz, Stephan Roser, Florian Lautenbacher and Bernhard Bauer
Token Analysis of Graph-Oriented Process Models
05:00–05:30 Sven Graupner, Hamid Motahari, Sharad Singhal and Sujoy Basu
Making Processes from Best Practice Frameworks Actionable
05:30–05:50 Discussion

The 4th International Workshop on Vocabularies, Ontologies and Rules for The Enterprise (VORTE 2009)

Co-located with the 13th IEEE International EDOC Conference
Auckland, New Zealand, August 31st, 2009

Selected papers accepted to the workshop to be invited for a special issue in the ISI-indexed Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology.

The VORTE series of workshops is devoted to the topics of vocabularies, ontologies and rules in the context of enterprise systems. The complexity of enterprise systems; the increasing needs for advanced collaboration between various systems within one institution or among many collaborating parties; and the velocity of organizational, policy, structural and market changes strongly call for immediate mobilization of the research community to develop more flexible and reliable technologies for the development of enterprise systems. Trying to respond to this urgent research need, the VORTE series of workshops has been established in order to bring together researchers and practitioners that are looking into the topics of ontologies and rules in enterprise system development from different yet complementary perspectives. The major objective is to provide a research forum for exchanging ideas and results covering the use of ontologies and rules in various stages of the development lifecycle of enterprise systems. Examples of topics covered by VORTE fundamental research contributions include the ontological evaluation of enterprise systems and their interoperability and the investigation of the use of ontologies and rules in business process modelling. Applied research contributions include enhancing business rule engines and business process management systems by ontologies and formal semantics for rules. From the enterprise system development perspective research topics are focused on relations of process modelling and execution languages with business ontologies and rules, and how business ontologies and rules used in enterprise models are further propagated into technologies (e.g., semantic web) and architectures (e.g., service-oriented architectures) that enable collaboration between heterogeneous enterprise systems. The workshop also welcomes experience reports and empirical studies that are reporting on the use of ontologies and rules in the enterprise system development lifecycle.

VORTE 2009 is the 4th workshop associated with the EDOC conference series that intends to bring together researchers and practitioners in areas such as philosophical ontology, enterprise modelling, information systems, semantic web, model-driven engineering, business rules, and business process management. The goal of the workshop is to discuss the role that (foundational and domain) ontologies/vocabularies and business rules play in the conceptual design and implementation of next generation enterprise solutions.

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